There may still be more than six months off, but the smart businesswoman will already be gathering together all the information and records that will be necessary to prepare returns as early as possible for the coming year.  While tax preparation is one of the major hassles any person goes through every year there is a great sense of satisfaction that accompanies the knowledge that you have completed and submitted yours in time and without excessive headaches and hassles.


After you’ve successfully gotten your tax records and materials gathered and ready for review you should don your business suit, put on your Stuart Weitzman shoes and take all the materials to visit your accountant and tax advisor.  If you’ve used a Groupon coupon to buy those shoes at a significantly reduced price – such as the 50% discount they are currently offering on selected boots – then make certain you let your tax preparer know about the deal you got on the classy shoes you have on.  It will clearly show that you are not only a good client but also a frugal shopper with an eye for high quality as well as for good deals and bargains.  And your tax advisor might appreciate your heads up if they are trying to think of a really stylish present to get their significant other for the holidays.


You can also take advantage of compiling your tax records early to begin preparing your budget for the coming year.  By reviewing your expenditures and costs for the past year you can have a fair estimate of how next year’s expenses will look.  And you will also be able to identify where you spent money wastefully or where you would have benefitted from looking for more deals like those you found using Groupon coupons and promo codes. Finally, by having all the materials ready and on hand you can eliminate that last-minute hassle that always seems to accompany the tax preparation process and that results in high stress.  Instead you are prepared in advance and are ready for any questions or issues that may arise.  And you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing this particular period of stress has been properly handled.

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